Sleeping bags


  • Lightweight outer fabric in smooth 20D nylon
  • Filling with 91% Polish white duck down
  • The white duck down used to fill the sleeping bags is washed in the production process, which gives it additional elasticity
  • Strategic distribution of the down, according to the sensitivity of thermal zones
  • Ergonomic, adjustable hood with an insulating tube on the edge and a double drawstring that allows you to take your hand out without loosening it
  • Thermal strip along the zipper
  • From the inside, in the legs of the sleeping bag, there are two loops to attach the insert, preventing it from moving
  • High-quality split zipper, opening from two sides
  • Anti-bite system – additional protection against pulling the material into the zipper


Hydrophobic goose down and innovative design, undoubtedly one of the most practical down sleeping bags available on the market.


The sleeping bag was filled with hydrophobic goose down, which was factory-impregnated before the filling process. Down is an excellent insulator because thanks to its elasticity it creates a closed air cushion in which the warm air generated by our body retains. Feathers of ducks and geese, animals that spend their entire lives in or around water, have naturally developed a high hydrophobic property. So it is the best filling for sleeping bags that we take with us in the field. Thanks to the process of additional impregnation, the sleeping bag with hydrophobic down will withstand moisture even better, absorbs water slower and dries faster, thus retaining its heating properties for longer.


Don’t you like getting out of your sleeping bag while you sleep? The innovative design of the lower part of the sleeping bag allows for its complete opening, and thus quick regulation of the temperature inside or moving with the sleeping bag without leaving it. Thanks to this, you will be able to dress it like a blanket and cover your legs with a warm coat, during evening stories around the fire or at the table.


In order to increase the thermal comfort, there is a thermal strip along the zipper which limits the temperature exchange. The whole thing is completed by a YKK zipper with a fluorescent tailstock (tip).


Nordkapp 250 is a two-season sleeping bag. It will be perfect for a bicycle or canoe trip or while traversing the Main Beskid Trail in the spring-summer period, for experienced travelers it will also be useful in early spring.





650 g



Outer material:

Nylon 20D

Inner material:

Nylon 20D

Dimensions while packed:

28 x 16 cm


225 x 85 x 50 cm

For height up to:

195 cm


hydrofobowy puch gęsi

Filling weight:

250 g

Fill power:

800 cuin

Thermal collar:


Thermal strip:




T max:

15 °C

T comfort:

4 °C

T lim:

-1 °C

T extreme:

-16 °C


FINMARK MID 4°C / 900g sleeping bag

NORDKAPP HYDRO 400 XL RIGHT -5°C down sleeping bag

Svalbard 340 Duck Hydro XL RIGHT -3°C / 655 g

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