• tent with much room, suitable for 1 person
  • one entrance and one vestibule
  • in front of the main entrance to the bedroom placed an access opening to the blind vestibule where you can store a backpack, shoes or cooker
  • with this tent construction it is possible pitch just the inner tent
  • insidetheinner tent,there are practical pockets and holes to hang for examplea headlamp, clothes-line
  • high performance materials in terms of endurance
  • duralumin frame
  • all flysheet seams are laminated
  • siliconized on the outside
  • the tent is pitchedvery smoothly and quickly
  • all guy ropes are in a new colour; with that colour they may be spotted more easily
  • separate covers for the tent, frame and pegs included in the kit


  • weight: 1500 g (total weight with a bag and an extra tape)
  • dimensions of theinner tent: 220 x 70/48 cm
  • height of the inner tent: 95 cm
  • dimensions when folded: 43 x 11 cm
  • suitable for: 1 man
  • flysheet material: 15D nylon ripstop, covered with PU, silicone-covered on the outer side – water resistance: 3000 mm
  • inner tent material: breathable 30D nylon ripstop
  • footprint: 70D nylon, covered with PU – water resistance: 6000 mm
  • frame: internal
  • frame material: durable and lightweight duralumin 7001, 8,5 mm-diameter
  • V-cross-section aluminium pegs

TROMVIK tent is a classic design with an internal frame

TROMVIK tent is a classic design with an internal frame, with a flysheet put on it that has the following advantages:

  • the inner tent alone can be pitched (e.g. in a hot climate);
  • the inner tent is fully self-supporting (without using stakes); it can be used as a mosquito net e.g. indoors on hard surfaces etc.;
  • after overnight condensation, inner tent drying is much more convenient: flysheet can be removed and dried being separately hanged (e.g. on the branch), while inner tent is separated (faster drying in the sun) and, in the meantime, your stuff can be comfortably packed.


Additionally, the set contains a special rectangular strap. With this strap, the tent has additional advantages (known mainly from the outer frame construction):

  • when it rains, flysheet can be pitched first, and then, dry inner tent can be attached from the inside;
  • flysheet alone can be pitched (without taking the inner tent with you) – an option for minimalists.


TROMVIK model joined our tent family. This is an ultra-lightweight and multi function tent. It is made of brand new (lightweight and durable) materials. Like Tordis, this tent is based on the 2Y frame structure. With this structure, a lot more space in the inner tent was obtained (as a result of the slants of walls significantly reduced compared to the classic igloo). With additional frame crossbar, side walls of the inner tent are almost vertical; as a result the tent is pretty full of room inside and people may be comfortable inside.


Weight [g]:


Weight range [kg]:

ultralight up to 2.8

Number of persons:


Number of entrances:


Footprint material:

nylon PU



Flysheet material:

Nylon Ripstop 15D PU

Flysheet water resistance [mm H₂O]:


Inner tent material:

Nylon Ripstop 30D

Footprint water resistance [mm H₂O]:


Inner tent dimensions [cm]:

220 x 70

Height of inner tent [cm]:


Vestibule dimensions [cm]:

220 x 60

Pack size:

43 x 11

Number of vestibules:


Footprint in the vestibule:




Frame material:

duraluminium 7001

Daimeter of frame [mm]:




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REKVIK III tent / 2,6 kg

TROMVIK II tent / 2 kg

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