Aleksander Doba

In memory of long time friend of our brand, an renaissance man.

Aleksander Doba

Kayaking, traveling, expeditons

In memory of an extraordinary man, a fearless traveler, a whisperer of the oceans.


Kayaker, traveler, PTTK I degree Canoe Tourism guide, PZK Canoe Tourism Instructor, Olek, because that’s what he liked to be called, is a volcano of energy. He is known primarily for his triple kayaking across the Atlantic Ocean. He started kayaking tourism in 1980 at the Alchemik Canoe Club. Within 30 years he won all canoe badges, all ranks of national organizations and the most important international ICF organizations.


Olek does not know the words “impossible”, he often had to withdraw from planned expeditions, postpone plans to implement another crazy, from the point of view of an ordinary person, ideas. However, many years of traveling experience, honed on Polish rivers, led him to obtain the title of the Traveler of the Year 2015, awarded by the respected National Geographic magazine.

A longtime friend of our brand, whom we had the pleasure to support during his trips. He died from natural causes on the peak of Kilimanjaro on February 22, 2021.


Olek will remain in our memories as a legend of Polish canoeing. As a friend. As a captain who talked to sharks, he tame the element of the ocean, which, like captains from the golden age of sailing, with his stories managed to take us into the unique world of travel.


Let your ocean be calm forever.


The most important achievements

  • Silver glider badge for 250 hours flown on gliders
  • The third class of the parachute jumper after 14 jumps
  • Polish record in the number of kilometers by canoe during the year – 5,125 km – 1989.
  • Canoeing through Germany and around Denmark from Police to Police, 2719 km in 57 days – 1998.
  • Kayaking around the Baltic Sea from Police to Police, 4227 km in 80 days – 1999.
  • By canoe beyond the North Arctic Circle from Police to Narvik, 5369 km in 101 days – 2000.
  • Academic Polish Champion in Mountain Canoeing in 2003 and 2004
  • Transatlantic kayak expedition, the first solo crossing of the Atlantic in a kayak with the strength of your own muscles. Start Dakar (Senegal), finish line Acarau (Brazil), 5394 km in 99 days – 2010.
  • The second lonely kayak crossing the Atlantic. Start Lisbon (Portugal), finish line Canaveral (USA) – 2014.
  • The Traveler of the Year 2015 according to National Geographic
  • Third single Atlantic kayak trip. Start New York (USA), finish line of Le Conquet (France) – 2017

He was posthumously awarded the Officer’s Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta.

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