Sleeping bags


  • Cotton material
  • Increases the hygiene of sleeping bag during trips
  • Easier to wash than a sleeping bag
  • Hood fits the sleeping bags
  • While attached to the sleeping bag, does not move or fold
  • In the upper part of the sheet there is a collapsible collar fastened with a hammer with a loop
  • The set includes the cover


Liner for sleeing bag, mummy type. For those who do not like the contact of their skin with synthetic material inside sleeping bags. Comfortable and hygienic sheet with lots of functions. It warms the sleeping bag, allows it to stay fresh longer, and increases the sleeping comfort. During longer trips, instead of washing the entire sleeping bag, it is enough to wash the liner, which dries much faster than a sleeping bag, which will stay in good condition for longer. In the lower part, it has two hammers to connect with the inside of the sleeping bag to prevent the sheet from moving and rolling up while sleeping. The hammers fit all our sleeping bags manufactured in 2020.






265 g




185 (+40 cm hood)


85/51 cm

Dimensions while packed:

19 x 9 cm


FINMARK XL 4°C / 1000g sleeping bag

Svalbard 150 UL Hydro XL Right 2°C / 450 g down sleeping bag

NORDKAPP 500 MID LEFT -5°C down sleeping bag

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