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About Fjord Nansen

The 1990s… what happens in times when access to tourist equipment is severely limited and the desire for adventure exceeds all limits? Unlimited imagination, ambition and the will to fulfill dreams lead to equipping Polish tourists with quality equipment immediately available. The first Fjord Nansen products were created in 1996 in northern Poland. The inspiration for our activities is lasting historical polar expeditions in an era of great phenomena, beyond the limits of imagination. To this day, we combine the passion for traveling, the Scandinavian sense of quality and functionality.

We are guided by the slogan Be Wild At Heart, because from the beginning of our existence, the mission and goal of the brand has been to promote a traveling lifestyle. By providing our customers with products of great quality and for every budget, we encourage them to find the Wildness in the Heart and new passions. Regardless of whether you like mountains, kayaks, bicycles or camping by the lake, with Fjord Nansen products the adventure will take on a new dimension.

And where do we get our inspiration from? We follow trends and technological progress at many international fairs in the outdoor world, including: OutDoor by ISPO and local ones, such as the Krakow Mountain Festival or the Lądek Zdrój festival.


…our team is “brand tester!“. Everyone who contributes to the development of the company has broad interests and many expeditions behind them… which can be seen in the photos on the left! 🙂 From kayaking champions, through cyclists, runners, outdoor enthusiasts, to motorcyclists. Our team is just the beginning, because we receive the most important opinions from our Test Team – professionals such as Bartosz Czauderna, Iwona Suchenia, and Piotr Suchenia. We regularly send our products to research laboratories where we test, among others: thermal insulation of thermoses, thermal insulation of sleeping bags, tents’ resistance to various weather conditions and many, many more.

As tourism enthusiasts, we test many solutions for you to choose the best ones. Just like you, we focus on reliability and functionality! Slogan BRAND TESTER is more than just a slogan for us. We take testing seriously and do not compromise on this topic. The desire to improve our products is the most important thing for us. Hardware tests? We’re going into the field. Clothing tests? We sew two fabrics together and put them through real use to detect the slightest differences (HERE you will find everything about it). Testing is one of the foundations of our brand philosophy.

Distintions, awards, interestings facts:


Our products have received numerous awards in industry magazines and trade fair competitions.


  • LANDO thermal mug – the best thermal mug according to the test conducted by the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection * Thermos Honer (0.5 L, 0.7 L, 1 L) – excellent results in the Independent Testing Group (NGT), Mountain Magazine and At Sea Level tests 
  • We were the second company in the world to introduce stretchable, flexible sleeping bags
  • We were the first in the world to create a hybrid tent (2 Y) with an external frame – Tordis II PTB
  • We were the first in Europe to introduce an external lock on trekking poles
  • Tordis II tent (Profi) – Honorable mention in the category of technical innovations “Kielce Sports Fair 2010” 
  • Honer thermos (0.5 L, 0.7 L, 1 L) – excellent results in the Independent Testing Group (NGT), Mountain Magazine and At Sea Level tests
  • Troms sleeping bag (Profi) – “Travel Magazine Good Choice 2007”
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