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  • small dimensions when folded and low weight
  • fully adjustable hood with peak
  • cape can be unbuttoned; short zipper (28 cm, protected with a strip)
  • it has a chest pocket with a zipper protected with a strip; after turningthe strip inside out, it becomes a cape cover
  • there is an additional space on the back; the hump can be unbuttoned to protect the backpack against rain; when it does not rain, it can be kept inside its cover
  • poncho’s sides can be fastened together (4 Velcro fasteners), and thus, comfortable sleeves can be created
  • taped seams
  • hook to hang


  • size S-M – to approx. 170 cm height
  • dimensions after packing: 25 x 23 cm
  • weight: 410 g


A waterproof cape; the successor to the famous groundsheets. In the version forbackpackers.



100% poliamide


S - M

Dimensions [cm]:

25 x 23

Weight [g]:



thyme green


ENMO LIGHT 570g / 2.5cm self inflating mat

Classic Tritan Bottle [EN]

MARAK mat’s bag

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