Watertight Bags

Main features:

  • long closure for easy access to the interior
  • easy packing
  • waterproof material
  • capacity: 65 l
  • dimensions: 56 x 38 cm
  • weight: 1025 g


  • practical bag made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
  • rolling closure
  • additional hook-and-loop fastener in the closing strip
  • fastening with buckles to the sides of the bag
  • convenient carrying handles
  • possibility of carrying the bag like a backpack
  • long shoulder strap
  • IPX6 waterproof

Materials & technology:

  • PVC – durable, medium thickness, rather ductile polyvinyl chloride material
  • IPX6 waterproof – complete protection against streams of water flowing from different directions with capacity of up to 100 litres per minute. During long-term immersion, immersion below 1m as well as during continued high-pressure, there is the possibility of water penetration inside packaging of this class


A large bag for everyday life, travelling, cycling or kayaking. Rolling closure and PVC material ensure it’s 100% waterproof. In addition, thanks to the wide closure, access to the interior is very comfortable and gives maximum view of the contents of the bag. In the bag, you can protect dry items from moisture or store wet ones without worrying about getting your other gear or car wet. For more comfortable carrying, the bag is equipped with harness straps so you can carry it as a backpack. A long shoulder strap is also included.


If you want to make sure your equipment doesn’t get wet when using a waterproof bag or sack (especially during unforeseen situations), it’s a good idea to secure your most important gear and documents in an extra thinner bag.


Capacity [l]:


Dimensions [cm]:

56 x 38

Weight [g]:





navy blue


ADVENTURE BAG 30 waterproof bag

wodoodporny plecak ADVENTURE BACKPACK - przód

Waterproof backpack ADVENTURE BACKPACK 36L

Waterproof bag DRY BAG LIGHT 10L

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