Sleeping bags


  • An ideal sleeping bag for the warm summer,
  • Size suitable for people up to 178 cm tall,
  • Filling – down and feathers from Polish goose in proportions of 93+/7,
  • Compressibility of filling – 900 cuin
  • Both inside and outside the fabric was used Nylon 10D RIPSTOP WR (Water Repellent – with water repellent properties). The special coating provides , hindered moisture penetration. Thanks to RIPSTOP technology, the fabric gains even greater strength. 10D Nylon is even thinner and lighter than 20D Nylon.
  • Zipper on the left side of the sleeping bag, unzipped from the top. Due to the construction – it is impossible to connect to the other sleeping bag,
  • Anti-Bite System – wide tapes have been sewn on both sides of the zipper to prevent the material from cutting through the zipper,
  • Zipper lining strip – a down-filled tube further seals the zipper, providing thermal comfort during sleep,
  • Duo drawstring – double drawstring (elastic + tape). From the front around the neck the elastic allowing you to extend your arm without loosening, from the back or on the hood the tape. This allows you to choose at night which part you want to loosen.
  • Comfort width – that is, about 5 cm wider than the standard width to give you an extremely comfortable rest,
  • Small pocket inside the sleeping bag – it was created so that you can hide any valuable small items in it
  • Footbox in the form of a drawstring – thanks to it, without leaving the sleeping bag you can easily increase air circulation or easily jump into the sleeping bag and warm yourself during a nap, without taking off your shoes,
  • Sleeping bag in an ergonomic mummy shape, tailored to fit your figure. This design provides less space inside the sleeping bag that you need to warm up with your body,
  • H-shaped chamber design – the chambers with an H-type separator that ensures the separation of the upper and lower shells of the sleeping bag and eliminates the thermal bridge where the chambers are divided,
  • Compression bag included – thanks to it you will save extra space in your luggage,
  • Fluorescent puller, so you can find it easily even at night,
  • Loops that allow you to mount the liner (insert). This will prevent it from slipping out when leaving the sleeping bag,
  • Warming the feet with an additional layer of down for comfort and to keep you warm while sleeping,



The Svalbard NH180 down sleeping bag is made with a filling of Polish goose. The down to feather content is 93+/7, and the springiness is 900 cuin. We also have to boast – we fill our sleeping bags in Poland!



Footbox in the form of a drawstring, thanks to which, without leaving the sleeping bag, you can move around the camp, easily increase air circulation or easily jump into the sleeping bag and warm yourself during a nap, without removing your shoes.


The thermal performance of this sleeping bag has been estabilished based on tests of 9 different models of Fjord Nansen sleeping bags in the laboratory. Therefore, you can rely on our recommended temperatures. You can read more about it in the article  TESTY TEMPERATUROWE ŚPIWORÓW – KLUCZ DO DOBREGO SNU.


Temperature range:

Note: in the name we specify T lim – this is the lowest temperature at which a “standard man” can sleep comfortably. Women or people who freeze easily, should be guided by the thermal parameter T comfort when choosing a sleeping bag.


Temperature ranges according to EN 23537 – these refer to a standard man and a standard woman after average exertion.

NOTE: Sometimes the sensation of cold can be different for different people. Factors such as fatigue, hunger, malaise, previous hypothermia, age, metabolism, body fat thickness, etc. also affect the way the cold feels.


  • The upper limit of comfort (T max) – the temperature at which a “standard man” does not sweat, and excessive temperature does not interfere with his sleep.
  • Comfort (T comf) – the temperature at which a person is in thermal equilibrium and does not feel cold. This value refers to a “standard”, full woman, after an average effort. This parameter should guide women when choosing a sleeping bag.
  • Limit temperature (T lim) – the lowest temperature at which a “standard man” can sleep comfortably. This parameter should be followed by men when choosing a sleeping bag.
  • Extreme temperature (T min) – exceeding this value causes the risk of hypothermia and means conditions in which you can survive for six hours at most (a parameter based on the feelings of the “average woman”). We should not be guided by this temperature when buying a sleeping bag.








Outer material:


Inner material:


Dimensions after packing / compression:

17x24 / 17x20 cm


185 x 80 x 45 cm

Fits someone up to [cm]:

178 cm


Goose down

Filling weight:

180 g


900 cuin

Thermal collar:


Thermal strip:




T comfort:

7 °C

T lim:

2 °C

T extreme:

-10 °C

Width at widest point:

80 cm

Width at the narrowest point:

45 cm


sleeping bag ARDAL MID RIGHT 10°C / 690g

NORDKAPP 500 MID LEFT -5°C down sleeping bag

TRONDELAND MID RIGHT -9°C / 2000g sleeping bag

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