fot. NoX Media, Lofoten, Norwegia

fot. NoX Media, Lofoten, Norwegia

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fot. LostItalianos, Patagonia, Argentyna


  • Made of ultra-lightweight and durable materials.
  • Spacious bedroom and two vestibules.
  • Two independent entrances.
  • New, more convenient retractable door attachment system.
  • Modified two ventilation windows in the tropics.
  • Inside the bedroom there are practical pockets and grommets for attaching, for example, a headlamp or a drying
  • line.
  • Revised duralumin frame.
  • All the seams of the tropics laminated.
  • Tropic is siliconized on the outside.
  • Very easy to set up.
  • Modern lashing adjustment system and reflective lines.
  • Separate covers for the tent, frame and pegs.
  • Repair kit with fabric scraps.


REKVIK is lightweight and comfortable in one. The ultralight tent is made of materials with increased strength and reduced weight. Designed to guarantee as much interior bedroom space as possible and simplicity of unfolding.


There are two, independent entrances to the tent with vestibules, where you can easily keep your luggage in favorable weather or prepare food in case of bad weather. In the NG model, we have also improved the fastening system of the rolled vestibule door. The classic anvil with a loop has been replaced by a rope with a turnbuckle. Thanks to this, the problem of slippery, escaping door material has been eliminated.


To improve air circulation, two lockable windows, set opposite each other, are located in the tropics. In the NG model, we have improved the tightness of the closure and the arrangement of the material of the closed windows. In addition, for overnight stays in warm climates and summer nights, the two vestibules can easily be completely rolled down, creating an additional draft for yourself through the entrance door to the bedroom.


Inside the bedroom, on the side walls, there are mesh pockets where you can store items that should be handy but you don’t want to search for them all over the tent. On the reinforced seam line of the bedroom, are sewn loops to which you can tie a rope to dry your technical clothing at night. In addition, at the highest point of the tent hangs an additional attachment for hanging a flashlight or other light source.


In addition, Rekvik II NG is equipped with reflective pull cords with a convenient slack pull system. The Y-shaped duralumin herrings are designed to guarantee increased resistance to yielding, even on hard ground. In addition, a second herring can be used to securely and efficiently tighten the accouterments. Similarly, using the serrations on the sides, with the help of the second herring we can easily pull out the herring driven into the ground.


Three bags are included, in which we will separately pack the herrings, the frame, and the sleeping bag with the tent tent tent. In addition, the tent comes with a repair kit, with patches of the materials used.


A compact tent made of ultralight materials. The dream M2 of every hiker who is not indifferent to the weight/quality ratio. Refined to the smallest detail: lightweight, reflective lashings, lightweight lashing length adjuster, and tropical tension adjustment. On top of that, there is a matching compression cover.


Weigh [g]:


Number of people:


Number of entrances:


Floor material:


Water resistance of the floor [mm H₂O]:


Tropic material:

Nylon Ripstop 15D PU

Water resistance of the tropic [mm H₂O]:


Material of the sleeping part:

Nylon Ripstop , Mesh

Dimensions of the sleeping part [cm]:

215 x 165

The height of the sleeping section [cm]:


Dimensions of the vestibule [cm]:

215 x 80

Packing dimensions [cm]:

48 x 14

Number of vestibules:


The frame of the tent:


Material of the frame:

duraluminium 7001 T6

Diameter of the frame [mm]:


Tent pins:

Y-shaped, duralumin

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