• Spacious one-person tent.
  • One entrance and one vestibule.
  • The bedroom has an additional access hole to the blind vestibule, where you can store a backpack, boots or a stove.
  • It is possible to set up the bedroom itself on warm, rain-free nights.
  • Inside the bedroom there are practical pockets and grommets for attaching e.g. headlamp, laundry line.
  • The tent uses materials with improved durability parameters.
  • Duralumin frame.
  • All the seams of the tent’s tropics laminated.
  • Tropic is siliconized on the outside
  • Quick and easy pitching,
  • One, 2-point V-shaped lashing.
  • All lashings in new color and with reflective tape to improve visibility.
  • Included: separate covers for tent, frame and pegs


In addition, a special rectangular strap is included, thanks to which the tent has additional advantages (known mainly from the construction with an external frame):

  • the possibility to set up in the rain first the tropical tent, and then attach “dry” the bedroom from the inside;
  • the possibility to set up the tropic alone (without taking the bedroom with you) – an option for minimalists.


The TROMVIK model has joined our family of tents – ultralight and super functional. Made of brand new, lightweight, and durable materials. It is a tent based on a 2Y frame structure and DCS wall system, just like the Tordis, which gives up to 3.5x more bedroom space relative to a classic igloo, thanks to a marked reduction in the slant of the walls. An additional frame crossbar makes the side walls of the bedroom almost vertical, which makes the tent very spacious inside and allows even two people to sit inside comfortably.


The TROMVIK tent is an ultra-lightweight structure with an internal frame, with an imposable tropical tent, so you can:

  • Set up the bedroom itself on warm and rainless nights.
  • The bedroom is fully self-supporting, meaning it can be set up without the use of pegs, so you can use it like a mosquito net even indoors or on hard surfaces, etc.
  • It’s easier to dry the tent after a night of condensation: the tent tracker can be removed and dried by hanging it separately (e.g., on a branch), while the bedroom stands on its own, drying faster in the sun and wind. It also allows you to pack your belongings quietly in the meantime.




Weigh [g]:

1600 g

Number of people:


Number of entrances:


Floor material:

nylon PU

Tropic material:

Nylon Ripstop 15D PU

Water resistance of the tropic [mm H₂O]:

3000 mm H₂O

Material of the sleeping part:

Nylon Ripstop 30D

Water resistance of the floor [mm H₂O]:

6000 mm H₂O

Dimensions of the sleeping part [cm]:

220 x 70 cm

The height of the sleeping section [cm]:

95 cm

Dimensions of the vestibule [cm]:

220 x 60 cm

Dimensions when packed:

43 x 11 cm

Number of vestibules:


Vestibule floor:


The frame of the tent:


Material of the frame:

duraluminium 7001

Diameter of the frame [mm]:

8.5 mm

Tent pins:

aluminum Y-shaped

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Tent TROMVIK II NG / 2 kg [EN]

REKVIK II NG / 2,25 kg TENT [EN]

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