SPLIT VI Tent 10,8 kg

Large family tent with a spacious vestibule and two separate bedrooms. Perfect for camping trips with children and stationary camps.

Główne cechy:

  • Spacious 6 person tent.
  • A few dollars to pitch a tent – small version, large version, both bedrooms.
  • Separate bedrooms to improve sleeping comfort.
  • Two independent entrances to the spacious vestibule.
  • Possibility to set up the roof over the fresh one.
  • Possibility to open the side wall of the bedroom, e.g. to see the children playing inside.
  • Reflective hoods, visible in the light of the lamp after dark.


Comfort above all. The SPLIT VI tent was designed for stationary spending of time. In its flaps it can easily fit 6 people and luggage.


Split has two separate bedrooms, so even older children who have already grown up from sleeping with their parents, will have their own private room. On the walls of the bedroom and the vestibule, there are practical pockets and hooks to help keep the tent inside order.


It is possible to enlarge the area of ​​the vestibule by detaching the smaller or larger bedroom from the tent and setting it up without them. Both bedrooms have mesh mosquito nets in the entrances that keep insects away and ensure good air circulation inside. Additionally, on the back and front wall of the tent, there are one ventilation opening to prevent excessive condensation on the inner surface of the flysheet.


In the spacious vestibule, you can arrange a field kitchen, spend time creatively during bad weather, or shelter from the sun. In the set, the vestibule does not have a floor, but you can additionally buy a universal Krafia floor. The vestibule between the bedrooms has three independent entrances: 2 side and one front – accessible after detaching the smaller bedroom. The canopy of each of the entrances can be raised to create a veranda by mounting on JARL poless. 2 JARL poles are included with the tent. The entrances of the flysheet are fastened with TH zippers covered with additional rainproof strips, secured with Velcro.


Thanks to the unique solutions used in our tents, their pitching is very efficient and quick. Setting up the tent is intuitive, individual sections of the frame have colorful tips, matching the colors of the sleeves on the frame, facilitating orientation. The tent is pitched by mounting the frame in the sleeves. A tunnel structure is created, to which both bedrooms should be attached. This can be done even in heavy rain and the bedrooms will stay dry. Similarly, when folding the tent – by first folding the bedrooms, you will avoid getting them wet. And for those who do not like to waste time, the bedrooms can be left attached to the flysheet, then the whole is broken up and rolled up at the same time.



10 800 g







Floor material:


Floor waterproofness:

3000 mm H₂O

Flysheet material:

Poliester PU

Flysheet waterproofness:

3000 mm H₂O

Caopy materiali:


1st beedrom dimensions:

210 x 235 x 185 cm

2nd beedrom dimensions:

120 x 235 x 165 cm

Vestibue dimensions:

235 x 125 x 185 cm

Number of vestibues:


Floor in vestibue:




Poles mateiral:


Poles diameter:

11 mm


Steel [HLIN]


YELGUY ROPE 3 m tent guy rope

Rubber band for the frame THIN RUBBER

SIERRA III COMFORT fiberglass frame

Sprawdzone produkty

KRAFIA footprint

JARL STEEL POLE tarp pole 165cm

Mata samopompująca TREKKING NG 0,8kg / 2cm

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