Vacuum flasks and mugs

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  • Made of durable polished stainless steel.
  • Universal travel mug.
  • Foldable handles reduce the space required for transport.
  • You can boil water in it on a stove.
  • A 100 g gas cartridge will fit inside the cup during transport.


Universal steel mug with a folding handle, capacity 500 ml.


A camping outdoors without a camp mug is like a walk without views, the picture remains incomplete. The Brann is a classic, durable mug made of good-looking, polished stainless steel.


The diameter of the cup has been adapted to the most popular diameters of gas cartridges, so you can safely transport a 100 g container inside. The wide base also allows you to securely place it on the stove and boil water for tea or pour over a freeze-dried meal.


Folding handles reduce the space needed to transport the mug, and in addition, they conduct high temperature which is generated during cooking or after pouring boiling water much less. The opposing arrangement prevents the handles from folding during use, ensuring a stable grip, especially when the cup is tilted.




Polished Stainless Steel


500 ml

Dimensions [HxWxD] :

8.5 x 8,5 x 9,5 cm


130 g


Polished steel


Sprawdzone połączenia

ANDY III / 4,1 kg tent


TOLLA Pot 900 ml

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