A two-person tent for special tasks. Comfortable, spacious, easy to use. An ideal choice for every traveler who wants reliable accommodation.

Jizera Valley, Jizera Mountains, Poland fot. Alexandra Wierzbowska

Jizera Valley, Jizera Mountains, Poland fot. Alexandra Wierzbowska

Dilijan cliffs, Armenia fot. Alexandra Wierzbowska Routsetter expedition "Project Armenia"

The most important features

  • A spacious tent designed for 2 people
  • Designed for use during mountain hikes, bicycle trips, camping and kayaking – for almost every season
  • 2 independent entrances – 2 vestibules
  • The tent can be safely pitched in the rain by first unfolding the flysheet (the frame tunnels are located outside the flysheet)
  • In order to reduce weight, the bedroom has been reduced – current dimensions: 120 x 205 cm (previous dimensions: 130 x 215 cm)
  • In addition, the bedroom is made of up to 2/3 of material (Poliripstop) and the rest is made of mesh (Polyester Mesch)
  • Thanks to the use of DCS technology, it has a lot of space in the bedroom, which allows 3-4 people to stay in a sitting position in a 2-person tent
  • Inside the bedroom there are practical pockets and eyelets for hanging e.g. headlamps or laundry lines
  • The tent uses materials with higher durability parameters and a duralumin frame
  • All seams of the flysheet are laminated
  • Breaking is very efficient and fast
  • The design of the tent allows you to pitch only the tropics
  • All lashings in a new color, improving their visibility
  • The set includes: separate covers for the tent, frame and pegs

Technology DCS:

Double Comfort Space (DCS) is a system of special profiling of the tent frame, allowing you to achieve the effect of almost vertical side walls. This ensures that 3-4 people can stay in a 2-person tent in a sitting position, without the risk of their heads touching the bedroom material. The measurements we carried out showed that the “usable” area in this tent is over 3.5 times larger than in a standard igloo*. This system also minimizes the risk of tall people lying in the sleeping bag touching the tent walls. Tent equipped with ventilation.


The Tordis tent was awarded during the Sport-Lato Fair in Kielce in the category of technically innovative products.


A refreshed two-person tent for special tasks. Comfortable, spacious, easy to use. An ideal choice for every traveler who wants reliable accommodation.


Made in the DCS – Double Comfort Space construction, increasing the real usable space of the tent by up to 3.5 times compared to a classic igloo. Thanks to this, not only two people can sit inside, but as many as four. Which, in case of bad weather, allows you to spend time together. Thanks to the increased space, it is easier to dress and change in the tent because the problem of rubbing against the side walls is minimized.

Two vestibules and entrances to the tent also guarantee comfortable access to the interior. There is no need for another person sleeping next to you to sneak around at night. Our luggage, if for some reason we do not want to keep it inside, will always be at hand and covered. Two entrances also provide quick and reliable ventilation in case of high temperatures, when we can create a classic draft through the tent.

The construction of the TORDIS II 2.0 tent is based on an external 2Y frame. Thanks to this, it can be easily moved after unfolding, but most importantly, it can be safely set up during the rain without soaking the bedroom. However, unfolding the frame itself will take an experienced camper no more than 10 seconds – just throw it in front of you, and the elastic cord inside the frame will stretch and fold it by itself.

The spacious bedroom is made of Ripstop® Polyester, which prevents tears from growing on their own. The upper part, to improve ventilation, is made of mesh, which perfectly stops all insects and allows air circulation. There are special loops sewn in from the inside along the seam lines, thanks to which you can hang a flashlight or a rope to dry thermal clothing or underwear.

Tordis II 2.0 can be set up in two ways. Classically, a bedroom with a tropics. And the tropics themselves, if we don’t want to carry our bedroom with us and want an emergency shelter from the rain. The side walls of the atria can be completely rolled up and tied with a system of strings.


Weight [g]:


Waga Sypialni [g]



External, Self-supporting

Frame material:

Duraluminium T6 7001

Frame diameter [mm]:


Number of people:


Number of entries:


Number of atria:


Tropical material:

Poliester Ripstop PU

Waterproof tropics [mm H₂O]:


Floor material:

Nylon PU

Floor waterproofing [mm H₂O]:


Bedroom material:


Bedroom height [cm]:


Bedroom dimensions [cm]:

205 x 120

Vestibule dimensions [cm]:

205 x 65

Dimensions after packing [cm]:

50 x 16

The floor in the vestibule:



V shaped, 8 szt

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Tent TROMVIK II NG / 2 kg [EN]



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