Main features:

  • it fits tight to body and at the same time, movements are not restricted
  • high waist
  • long legs
  • made of warm thermoactive MICROPILE STRETCH
  • it fits tight to body and at the same time, movements are not restricted
  • long leg
  • high waist
  • flat seams
  • made in Poland
  • weight: 232 g (size M)


MICROPILE STRETCH is the latest generation fabric made of modified polyester microfibre. Its main advantage is extremely efficient moisture (sweat) drainage. The moisture/sweat evaporation process is supported by special, spatial fabric structure. With proper amount of spandex fibre, the fabric has 4-WAY STRETCH system, i.e. it can be stretched in four directions, and thus, it also adapts to the body profile. With 3D material construction, the air that is retained in the material structure supports the natural thermoregulation. The external layer is slightly windproof (thick weave), which works perfect at a slight breeze.

Main advantages of MICROPILE STRETCH:

  • excellent insulation – maintain proper body thermals
  • fast moisture-draining
  • elastic
  • light
  • anti-allergic properties
  • recommended range of underwear Micropile Stretch: -30°C up +15°C


HALSA thermoactive underwear is warm so it’s perfect for winter-spring activity. MICROPILE STRETCH is pleasant to the touch, elastic and pilling-resistant. Properly extended cut and with stretchy seams, wearing comfort is improved; as a result, there are minimizing almost no abrasions. It can be successfully used as a second layer.




Weight [g]:



navy melange

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