• Square-shaped roof.
  • 18 ribbons prepared for guy ropes.
  • Possibility of many ways of setting up.
  • 6 guy ropes and 10 pins included.


ORK 3×3 is a functionally designed tarp for travelers and lovers of accommodation in the bosom of nature.


Along all the sides, 18 ribbons were sewn in, prepared for the strings or the threading of the carrying line. Thanks to them, the Tarp ORK 3×3, just like the ORK II, can be hung in many ways, starting from the classic inverted V, through a wide open front, full length or 2/3 or as a shelter with walls. The set includes X pins and 6 guy lines, the rest can be made by yourself from a piece of string or purchased separately in our store.


ORK 3×3 can also be hung as a free-standing structure with the use of additional steel or aluminum masts. The masts must be purchased separately, selecting the number of elements appropriate to the preferred height of the canopy






900 g

Flysheet waterprofness:

3.000 mm H₂O


300 x 300 cm

Dimensions while packed :

52 x 13 x 13 cm

Loops for guy ropes:

18 ribbons


10 pieces

Guy ropes:



STAL SIFRE frame steel ending 8.5mm

Tarp Canopy ORK LINER

FIBER GLASS GERD 11mm (1 element) frame

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Tarp Canopy ORK LINER

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