• Low weight.
  • Compact size after folding.
  • Easy and quick way to setup.
  • A cover that, when unfolded, becomes a pocket.
  • High walls prevent the mattress from falling out of the hammock during sleep.
  • RipStop nylon material to resist tear propagation.
  • The weight of the hammock itself is 270 g.


We value simple and proven solutions, so we tried to minimize the most common problems of hammocks, such as slippery material or low sidewalls, while maintaining a low weight. The fruit of this labour is a functional hammock – Svinge. Properly selected nylon RipStop material is noticeably less slippery, thanks to which it limits the spontaneous sliding of the sleeping bag during sleep. Combined with high, well-enveloping side walls, it holds in place very well and prevents the mattresses from moving under the back while lying in the hammock.


Ever wonder where to store a flashlight or other handy items during night if you can’t keep it under your head? No problem, the Svinge cover bag is also an integrated pocket, permanently attached to the hammock, at half its length. It can easily accommodate a flashlight, phone and a water bottle to keep you hydrated during night.


To proper hang up, it is enough to know the basic knot and two well-seated support points. Will it be two balcony railings or classic, tree trunks. Svinge will fit perfectly into any space wider than 3.5 meters.


With the right tension of the support system, you get a stable bedroom, suspended above the ground, away from insects and moisture.


For the Svinge hammock, you can buy an alternative tension system, consisting of Svinge System tapes, which will significantly ease the hanging process. Two straps with a self-locking buckle and a carabiner are also safer for the surfaces on which you hang the hammock. They will prevent the cables included in the set, from cutting into the bark of the tree or the balustrade boards.



350 g

Hammock material weight:

270 g




300 x 142 cm

Minimum distance between fixing points:

3,5 m

Dimensions while packed:


Fixing system:

2x linka 3,9 m


Nylon RipStop




Outdoor repair kit 11 mm

Maszt do zadaszenia JARL ALU POLE Dół [EN]

REDGUY ROPE 3 m tent guy rope

Sprawdzone produkty

TOLLA Pot 900 ml

Inflatable mattress TREKKER NG

NORDKAPP HYDRO 400 MID LEFT -5°C down sleeping bag

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