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  • Mattress made of super-light, durable 20D NYLON.
  • The arrangement of chambers to prevent slipping off the mattress during sleep.
  • The mattress fits well in hammocks and on uneven ground.
  • Easy-to-use inlet valve with a tab to prevent spontaneous backflow of air.
  • Very small size when folded.


Ultralight trekking mattress made of durable nylon 20D.


Created to meet the expectations of experienced travelers. The carefully designed pattern of chambers, which adjust to the body, significantly prevents slipping from the mattress during sleep. The protruding parts of the body, elbows, shoulder blades, buttocks find a natural support in the grooves without air, preventing slippage. In addition, the perforation of the mat allows to reduce the squeezing effect of the sleeping bag on the mattress, the crumpled filling material of the sleeping bag fills the uninflated places and remains expanded, thanks to which it loses less thermal properties.


Perforation in the shape of a starfish, it is much better arranged on uneven terrain, thanks to which it absorbs imperfections of the surface on which it lies, such as roots, sticks or small earthen mounds. The Trekker NG also fits very well in hammocks. The mattress bends in different directions, filling any cavities and adjusts to the side walls.


The whole is complemented by a double-sided valve with an auto-tab that blocks under the influence of air inside the mattress. Thanks to this solution, as the mat is inflated, the valve closes more and more tightly, so you can easily take another breath without worrying about the air escaping. Similarly, in order to deflate the mattress, you just need to insert your finger to push the tongue inside and in a few seconds all the air escapes. For the rolling process, it is enough to bend the tongue completely inwards, without using force, and lock it against the floor wall. In this setting, all the remaining air escapes to the outside without any problems during winding.


When packed into a cover, the mattress takes up little more space than a half-liter bottle and weighs less.



188 x 55 x 5 cm


400 g

Pack size:

14 x 10 cm




5 cm








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