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Viking Tritan Bottle

All-purpose travel bottle, made of environmentally friendly Tritan plastic. It features increased resistance to breakage and impact, dishwasher safe and resistant to high and low temperatures. It does not emit harmful plastic compounds.


  • Made of environmentally friendly material – Tritan, which does not emit harmful BPA.
  • Increased resistance to breakage and shattering.
  • Leak-proof stopper with convenient drinking funnel.
  • Air vent for easy drinking.
  • Strainer to filter pieces of fruit or tea leaves.
  • Closure with safety catch.
  • Comfortable carrying handle.
  • Dishwasher safe.


Tritan, is a special blend of copolyesters that combines increased resistance and flexibility, while being a greener raw material. It does not contain harmful BPA, nor does it release other plastic compounds into food or liquids.


These properties have created the perfect bottle for travelers. Lightweight, capacious and resistant to mechanical damage. Tritan absorbs impacts much better than plastic, so that even after a fall on a hard surface the bottle will not break. Unlike plastic, it is also resistant to high temperatures, so the Viking Tritan Bottle can be scalded, poured over hot liquids, but also repeatedly washed in the dishwasher, and the walls will not become dull.


A functional strainer located just below the cap prevents small vessels from getting out of the prepared liquid. It will drain perfectly tea leaves, larger pieces of pulp from fruit, or any other objects that could clog the wide drinking spout. The strainer can be removed and the bottle can be used without it.


The cap is secured with an additional closure to prevent accidental opening. It can be easily washed together with the bottle in the dishwasher.




650 ml


160 g




22,5 cm


7,5 cm

Inlet diameter

5,5 cm

Temp. Range

-10 do 90 ºC

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