Watertight Bags


  • bag made of laminated polyester
  • capacity 15L (after three rolls)
  • specially reinforced, tight seams,
  • roll-top closure
  • fastened with a durable buckle
  • waterproof to 2000 mm water column
  • distinct red color

Technical characteristics:

210T ripstop polyester – reinforced against tearing, with a resistance of 2000 mm water column.
The stitching is additionally laminated, making it more watertight.
IPX4 – total protection against spraying and splashing of water from different directions at 10 l/min.


Get ready for any adventure with Fjord Nansen’s waterproof collection! Did you know that IPX standards specify levels of protection from water? If you want to find out what technologies and solutions we used in our waterproof backpacks, pouches, and bags – read our article and KNOW THE SECRETS OF WATER RESISTANCE.


A simple, ultralight, packable, and durable bag equipped with a roll-up closure. It is made of polyester reinforced against tearing through the use of ripstop technology. Thanks to the materials used and specially reinforced seams, its water resistance is a 2000 mm water column. In addition, the laminated stitching features a very good water tightness, as confirmed by our tests.
DRY BAG will work great as a bag for packing things that can’t get wet, as an additional protection. You can use the 15L, red bag as extra space for your luggage.
When using the DRY BAGA remember that it is made of delicate materials and requires care in use. When hiding the bag, fold it carefully, and when using – do not push it out forcefully, so as not to strain the tight seams. Then it will retain its tightness for a long time.


If you want to make sure your gear doesn’t get wet when using a waterproof bag or sack (especially during unforeseen situations), it’s a good idea to protect your most important gear, electronics, and documents in an extra-thinner bag.


Weight [cm]:


Capacity after three retractions [l]:


Height of unrolled backpack [cm]:


Width [cm]:


Diameter [cm]:






Material waterproofness:

2 000 mm water column



NOWOŚĆ - kolekcja wodoodporna

Want to make sure your belongings stay dry and safe in all conditions? Read our post about our collection of waterproof bags and backpacks.


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